Rhetoric Assignment

Topics: Art, Storytelling, Public space Pages: 2 (614 words) Published: April 16, 2013
Frisco Rhetoric Assignment
The city of Frisco has rich history, ethnic diversity and vast culture that is shown through the assimilation of artists work into public places or private developments, theatrical programs and sculptures. Art can be found scattered in abundance all over Frisco. It is important to show the city’s people expressing themselves in all sorts of ways. Frisco Arts organizes everything from storytelling festivals to art exhibits. Culture, history, entertainment and traditions are found in theater programs, museums, various statues and the dozens of sculpture at the Hall Office Park.

Hall Office Park is an excellent example of public art by local and regional artists used to show the diverse culture of our city. The park enhances the visual environment for Frisco residents. For those who take the time to gaze around, they might develop an interest in the visual arts. One of the more breathtaking sculptures is La Mujer Roja. Made of steel, the beautiful figure stands in front of a building and beside a tranquil pond. The art encourages a cultural infrastructure that allows our community to flourish. Culture is showcased by pieces such as Quinta: Celtic Spirit Catcher and The Grandmother. Although one sculpture is much smaller in size, they both reflect artistic excellence in Frisco. Having playful figures, running, leaping and paying depicts Frisco as family friendly, safe and full of life. While some pieces show culture or our history, others expand minds and encourage creativity which benefits educational development.

Visiting the Frisco Public Library, artwork can be found on the exterior of the building and the interior. “Frisco’s Frist” by David Alan Clark, is an image of the first train to Frisco. Different artwork pieces outside the library show the importance of our deep history. Right next to the train is the “Fetching Water” artwork which represented the courage women who helped tame and settle our land. Not only do these pieces...
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