Rh Bill Pro-Stance

Topics: Population density, Birth control, Demography Pages: 2 (682 words) Published: February 26, 2011
Shinji Timothy Y. Caday38
II – Bl. Diego Jose of CadizFebruary 21, 2011
RH Bill Reflection Paper
The RH Bill has been something intriguing me ever since I first heard it a little over two years ago in 2008. Professionally speaking, it is the Reproductive Health and Population Development Act of 2008, aimed to control population growth, promote reproductive health, and to exemplify responsible parenthood. It is a bill that provides the legal use of all contraceptives. Currently, it is at its second stage: being evaluated at the Congress. It is a highly controversial bill, as the use of contraceptives prevents reproduction, or the creation of life, and we are in a predominantly Catholic country. However, seeing as the Philippines has a democratic government, no matter how much protest and riots are caused, the approval of this bill will ultimately be up to the government, as we are not a theocracy. As stated previously, the RH Bill allows legal use of contraceptives. It holds no bias for people who prefer modern family planning over natural or vice versa. It encompasses the free giving of condoms, a type of contraceptive, to the people, to promote reproductive health. This is to give “freedom of informed choice”, which is central to the exercising of any right. Another of the bill’s guiding principles is the protection and promotion of gender equality, especially women empowerment, to allow women to exercise their right to control their own bodies. With all of the research I have done, and my own moral will, I fully agree with the bill, and if I were a major, would vote for its passing. While the Philippines isn’t technically overpopulated, merely having a high population density in highly urbanized cities, the Philippines is poor. This is due to the, (previously stated) population density. There is a high population, with an equally high demand for basic necessities, yet an insufficient amount of supplies to meet this quota....
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