Rh Bill Philippines: Yes or No? (Persuasive Speech)

Topics: Abortion, Birth control, Magna Carta Pages: 2 (413 words) Published: October 2, 2011
The issue on whether or not the Philippines indeed needs a Reproductive Health bill has been in limbo in the Congress since time immemorial. The clamor between the pro and the anti has never been at par since today, and each has a very valid reason as to why and why not the lawmakers should pass the RH Bill. So is there really a need for an RH Bill? Let’s weigh the reasons and consequences.

First, the issue on the protection of women against maternal deaths is already answered by an existing yet not that functional law. Republic Act 9710 or the Magna Carta for Women already provides for the protection of women especially in terms of their health. However, the flaw in this law is that it is not functional. There are still a lot of maternal deaths and the like even with the law on motion. This goes to show that we need a refurbishing of the effectiveness and the actualization of the law. It is a call on the government to act, rather than to babble around.

Next, a higher population does not mean less improvements, in fact, economists see this as a means of growth. Economists argue that an increase in the population provides an increase in manpower; therefore, a country with a higher population can be more productive than a country with less people. Even the World Bank said that there is no direct correlation between poverty and population, instead it is directly related to health and education. Therefore where should the Philippines focus more? Health and Education. The eradication of poverty and inutility could only be realized with the improvement of education as said by Romeo dela Paz, Roosevelt College’s President.

Also, the RH bill would provide for a free contraceptive to anyone of age, other than couples, which means that the state is promoting teenagers to have premarital sex. Also, these available contraceptives in the market are considered abortifacient by the medical community. These are abortifacients because of the fact that these do not give...
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