Rh Bill Agree or Disagree

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  • Published : July 29, 2011
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Name: Sheena Elaine F. MagdaraogSubject: Philippine Lit. Section: IT31BInstructor: Ms. Elaine

RH Bill: Agree or Disagree
The country of the Philippines is one of the world’s developing countries with an enormous growth of population. Due to the fact that the population growth leads the Filipino people to starvation, crime rate increase, unemployment, lack of public facilities, all of these are related to the population growth because RH bill or the Reproductive Health Bill is still in controversy and still a concern of our Philippine Government. The RH bill has not reached its full support because there are people who are against it. Mostly, people who opposed of having such bill in the legislation are related to the Catholic Church and other religious sects. They believe that the artificial way of controlling birth is against Christianity which till now is a controversy. They do not support the advocate for sex education for high school students who are in the most risky period for teenage pregnancy. They fear that it will only end up of making the situation worse because the youth is exposed in such manner of education. Let us first elaborate more of this controversial RH bill. What is Reproductive Health or RH Bill?

RH Bill or the Reproductive Health bill of the Philippines is a legislative bill that aims for the government’s general access to reproductive health. Meaning to say that, a part of the government’s funds shall be put for spending artificial birth control medications and devices such as contraceptive pills, condoms, foam, IUD and other types of artificial birth control method to control the population growth. The government believes that most of the problems related to the population growth will be reduced and will put the economic growth of the country to its acceptable status if this bill will be approved. What does the studies and surveys show about population growth? Studies show that the percentage of poverty if obviously high...
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