Rh Bill

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Passionate Involvement
Lilian Peake
Book Report

Submitted by: G17 Marianne Bernadette G. Pergis
Submitted to: Ma’am Mayomis

A. Author

Lilian Margaret Peake was born from January 1, 1927 and died on January 01, 1997. Lilian Margaret Peake, well-known as Lilian Peake was a popular writer of over 65 romance novels in Mills & Boon from 1971 to 1996. Lilian Peake was born in London but lived in the countryside during WWII. Her early ambition was to be a journalist and she ended up working at various newspapers and magazines around England. Lilian Peake eventually married and started family and started writing novels, including many Harlequin Romances and Harlequin Presents.

B. Valuing

1. What part of the story struck you most? Why?

The part that struck me most is when Tamsin Selby packed her things & left the hotel. Hurried in a train to go home with a broken heart that she knew in her mind, Sarne Brand would never fall in love with her for he already got a fiancé. But on her travel to her way home, Sarne Brand followed with a whole heart & mind that he will tell Tamsin that she already caught his heart & that he will never let Tamsin slip away.

2. Who is you favorite character? Why?

My favorite character is Tamsin Selby. I like her because she never broke her promise to her Uncle William to keep his identity & relationship with h8im as a secret, even though this will lead to breaking her heart & destroying the respect that is due her by her love, Sarne Brand. She kept this a secret during her stay at luxurious hotel in Switzerland owned by her Uncle William, who did not tell this to anyone that they are related, even to Sarne Brand. Sarne Brand thought all along that Tamsin was a cheap, cheating opportunist who will do everything, even sell her soul just to make up for her luxurious living & ambitions. Although this set up would cause her pain & heart-broken, she still managed to choose her Uncle William’s doing a favor for him to repay his generosity & kindness.

3. What/where is the setting of the story? Describe.

The setting of the story is in Switzerland, in a luxury hotel on the shores of Lake Lugano - blue as the sky which was mirrored in its faintly rippling surface. Small craft & ferry boats left widening trails behind them. Green mountains rose steeply from its depths. Buildings perched on the hillsides, while all around were lush trees, shuttered villas and white-walled houses.

4. Did you find the story difficult? Explain

I did not find the story difficult since as I go along the story, I could already figure out the ending.

5. What insight/ lesson you have realized? Explain

The story would like to import the importance of family before anything else. I have learned that being faithful to a promise made to anyone, especially to a family member is more important. No matter how hard it is to keep a secret, even though this will lead to causing you pain and sacrifice, the saying “PROMISES ARE MEANT TO BE BROKEN” does not always apply when it already involves the family or any member of the family whom you vowed to have the secret kept among him/her and you.

6. Would you recommend the book to others? Why?

Yes, I would surely recommend the book to others because it does not only imply on a love story, but also the importance of giving respect, gratitude and faithfulness to the family who is doing a good favor and kindness to the main character.

G17 Marianne Bernadette G. Pergis
III-C Pagkukusa


1. Ang Reproductive Health Bill ay isang panukalang batas na ang pangunahing layon ay mapalawak ang kaisipan ng mamamayan sa kalusugang pisikal at sexual, pati na rin sa pagpaplano ng pamilya na ligtas, epektibo at abot kaya. Maraming magandang madudulot ang RH Bill, isa na ang pagpaplano ng pamilya at ligtas na pagbubuntis at panganganak ng kababaihan. Ngunit sa lahat ng magagandang dulot nito, may...
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