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|Author Stephen Ashford, the following work gained me a 2,1 in my first year there are many mistakes but it gives you a rough idea of where to go from here. Rugby football union overview
The Rugby Football Union (RFU) is the national governing body for rugby union within England. This organisation is in charge of the administration, promotion and governing amateur and professional matches. The RFU was officially formed in 1871, it now employees over 500 people with over 60,000 volunteers helping coach and ref the games at school and local club levels ( RFU- 2012), this sport would be nowhere near as successful (see appendix one) without these individuals helping. The RFU executives developed the following mission statements: “To lead, promote and govern the whole of English rugby union with expertise and equity, whilst maintaining the game’s core values and ensuring it remains a sport for all.” (RFU-2012). As rugby is known for being a gentlemen sport, and with incidences such as the blood tablet fiasco in 2009 ( BBC- 2009) tarnishing the RFU reputation damage repair had to be done. This mission statement firstly sums up the main roles of the organisation perfectly and also sets a goal for RFU to enforce the fact that in rugby there is a certain code of conduct expected from individuals. The strength of the executive team ( See appendix 2 ) in the RFU is one of the reasons it is run so well and is one of the most popular sports in England even with the north south divide with Rugby league being the more popular sport in the North of England.(Mandy Barrow –2011) As the RFU is the richest Rugby union in the world (Steel 2010) the environment factors (See appendix 3) that affect a company are very important for it to stay profitable. Profit and expenditure are always a concern for any company even one as big as the RFU. In 2011 a newspaper article published in the “Heralds×” states “Group revenues for the year ending June 30 2011 increased from pound(s)112m to pound(s)136.3m, largely driven by the match programme of four internationals and three Six Nations Games. Operating profit was pound(s)40.6m, up pound(s)14.8m, and sales of corporate hospitality packages increased by 17% with 21,000 sold. Ticket income grew by pound(s)8.7m to pound(s)30m.” RFU this year have made high profit from previous years (see appendix 4) and will have predicted to continue to press forward becoming debt free by 2013. (RFU-2012). Although RFU financially are doing very well there are still many other strengths and weaknesses within the organisation (See appendix 5).

Appendix 1

Participation and popularity of Rugby union 2012:
Participation | Rugby clubs| Member Schools| Non affiliated schools| Universities | Volunteers | 2.5 million| 2000| 3,200| 6,800| 140| 60,000|
RFU 2012 Annual report http://www.rfu.com/AboutTheRFU/~/media/Files/2012/abouttherfu/RFU_AR12_COMPLETE_311012_JR.ashx

Appendix 2
RFU hierarchy of executives:
RFU annual report 2012 http://www.rfu.com/AboutTheRFU/~/media/Files/2012/abouttherfu/RFU_AR12_COMPLETE_311012_JR.ashx

Appendix 3
PEST Factors
Factor: Government funding
Implication: Government funding can have a huge impact on how a sport develops locally in schools and on a national basis. The government decides where they spend their money and if a particular sport is nationally successful or a worldwide event is coming up then the government tends to put it money into this sport. Factor: Corporate social responsibility

Implications: The government now expect huge organisations and businesses to follow this ethos of corporate social responsibility especially those that are partly...
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