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BBL2614 Business Law


Mark is a famous singer from the band Ayer Keroh Cool Kats, he was contracted to perform 20 of his famous songs during the celebration of Sir Ferguson’s 63rd Birthday. The contract is worth RM 50 000. However, on the day of which he is supposed to perform, the car that brings Mark met with an accident, resulting in severe injury, thus he was unable to appear for the performance. Sir Ferguson is now taking a legal action against him for breach of contract.

Lee, a friend of Mark upon hearing that news, rushed to meet him. To cheer him up, he went to a boutique to buy Mark a Lacoste Sandal. Lee pickup one leather sandals and walked towards the counter. However, the sales girl told him that the sandal that he has picked was under reservation and asked him to pick another design. He refused to do so, but later gave in as he doesn’t want to create any problem. After picking up new sandal, he feels that that design wasn’t suitable for his friend, and decided to leave the store. However, the sales girl argued that the moment he picked up the new sandal, the contract is already been concluded, as Lee has already make an offer to the store, and the sales girl as the representative accept to the offer.

Mark’s little sister, Michelle is forming a band of her own called the Lady Birdie. She went to a music store to buy some equipment. She saw a tambourine, and she was taken by it. However she also needs to buy a drum sticks for her drummer, Jenny. Therefore, out of curiosity, she asked the sales man the price of tambourine, as the price stated was RM 250, she negotiated whether she can have it at RM 200. The sales person, out of sympathy for her, said that she can have it at RM 170. She was so happy to get the discounted price, and wanted to buy it. However as she walked to counter, she realised that she didn’t have enough money to buy drumsticks for Jenny. She then put the tambourine down and started looking for the drumsticks....
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