Rflective Essay on Robert Frosts the Road Not Taken

Topics: 2000s music groups, Woods, The Road Pages: 1 (463 words) Published: January 31, 2011
Reflective Essay 2
John Meck
Ashford university

Reflecting on all the readings that I have read in this class the ones that stand out to me the most are Robert frosts in The road not taken, and Stopping by the woods on a snowy Evening, then Alice Malsenior Brooks, in Everyday Use. Theses stories and poem have meaning to me because I can relate in some ways to all of them. I try to take the road not taken in life because I do not like to follow the crowed. I like to be the one out in front not the one just following everyone else and just getting by. I think that I am a man of character and I try to lead the life the way I do to be able to show my kids that you do not have to follow everyone else and it is ok to be you if you is the road that is not taken. I think that is why I liked the story Everyday use by Alice Brooks because in my opinion you see both sides of what I was talking about in the Road not taken. I think that Dee took or was sent on the road that was not taken at that time and Maggie was the person that just followed the crowed if you will. No matter the path that they took they made something of them self’s weather it was out in the world as Dee did or if it was at home continuing the family trade as Maggie had done. I think that the story stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening has a lot to tell some one if you are looking and even if you are not. The rider in the story stopped by the lake and the deep woods to take in the lovely view of the woods and even maybe the lake I think that the rider stopped to take in his surroundings if you always are work, work you may miss the things that are in front of you. In the riders case the open country and the views that are in all of our lives so the rider pauses for a brief wile to enjoy the sights that the rider passes on his travels. As the rider says I have miles to go before I sleep. One way I think that you could take that saying is you have a long way to go before your end so you should...
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