Rfid, Technology That Makes Your Life Easier.

Topics: RFID, Electronic toll collection, Radio-frequency identification Pages: 2 (622 words) Published: June 11, 2011
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Miguel Lopez

RFID, Technology that makes your life easier.

Imagine going to the supermarket, picking your favorite products and just exiting the store without waiting in line for the next available cashier. Sounds good? Well, this and much more will be possible soon with radio frequency identification (RFID) technology. Like everything, this technology has its pros and cons. As you will see, this unique technology will be more beneficial than detrimental to our society.

RFID technology is basically composed of a device called a “smart tag” and a reader. The “smart tag” is placed on the product and it is scanned by the RFID reader. The advantages of this technology over the bar code label system are the large capacity of information that can be stored in the “smart tag” and also that the two devices (“smart tag” and RFID reader) can communicate at a distance of several meters, even if the scanner cannot physically see the tag.

For manufacturers, retailers, and logistic companies this technology brings the promise of increase efficiency. They will be able to track thousands of products, manage their existence and ensure that adequate supplies are always available. Therefore, RFID will make the process of stock control quicker and more efficient, which results in cost savings. Many businesses have already tested this product to track their goods from manufacturers to retailers, results have demonstrated that the technology reduces operational time and help planning the chain of supply more efficiently. The medical industry will also benefit from RFID because it will be able to have a more efficient way to obtain medical records from patients. When you visit your doctor’s office, he/she will only have to scan your RFID tag and see all your medical history. For instance, if you have a car accident and get unconscious your RFID tag will provide more than just your name, but other important information like your blood type, allergies and...
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