Rfid System

Topics: RFID, Supply chain management, Personal digital assistant Pages: 1 (272 words) Published: December 22, 2012
With RFID technology this company will begin the construction of total B2B solutions pertaining to the most important domains that involves this company meaning commerce and industry where mobility is very important. With the installation of the RFID system this company’s’ B2B solutions can be conducted in a more precisely manner and with a sufficient amount of time. The RFID system will be very mobile due to the use of multiple PDA devices and RFID readers connected to them in each office location. With the RFID system in place the company’s’ warehouse flow of incoming orders, outgoing orders and inventory can be scanned into the system as an order enters or deducted as an order leaves which makes this both time efficient and cost effective without any disruption in business when the company transfers over to the RFID system. The San Jose office will input all the company’s’ inventory into the RFID system and each item would be Identified as an individual item and not by an item class. The San Jose office will keep up to the minute data on how many and what kind of custom plastic parts are in the Pontiac, MI inventory stock. The Albany Ga. office will send on site productivity reports on how many plastic containers are package and ready for pickup every three hours. The China office will place an RFID tag on every fan that it produces and ships out to be all tracked by the corporate office in San Jose. As you can see by transferring onto the RFID system this will keep productivity up and moral high with in the company.
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