Rfid in Airline Industry

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Rfid in Airline Industry

By | September 2012
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RFID in Airline Industry
EX: Airbus / Boeing

Team Members
Babita Sehgal
Sudhakar Kondeti
Romit Banerjee
Kevin Darius

Using RFID in Airline Industry

1. Introduction
In this case study we will present the topic "Using RFID to Enhance Supply Chain Visibility" in the Airline industry. We will introduce the RFID technology; how it can optimize the overall supply chain performance by focusing on the supply chain visibility aspect, and then we will conduct a case study of Airbus where RFID was deployed successfully.

2. Supply Chain Visibility
Supply chain management has never been more challenging today, where companies have to be proactive and constantly develop plans to eliminate disruptions from their supply chain. The success of an organization hinges on the company's ability to deliver their products regardless of the situation. Visibility is essentially the traceability of products or components throughout their flow from the manufacturer to the final destination. It is about making data available that can be analyzed to make recommendations and generate strategies to improve the supply chain. Visibility has several benefits. For one, companies can cut down on inventory as they are better able to react to demand. Visibility is also increasingly becoming a competitive advantage for companies over competitors who are less able to plan for an impending situation, such as in times of natural disasters. This is because visibility enables companies to be flexible in dealing with situations.

3. Model of Focus - RFID
One rapidly evolving technology that creates visibility in the supply chain is RFID. The strategic application of RFID technology to business problems and leveraging its data has the potential to optimize critical processes, enhance business intelligence, and improve collaboration across industries. (Klein, 2006) Also, supply chains today are vulnerable to security threats and uncertainties, and many experts believe that RFID...

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