Rfid Based Projects

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We encounter event recording applications very often. Recording of any entity be it sound, pictures, events etc. is very useful as it enables us to manipulate data to our requirements. One can exploit the full potential of the recorded information for specific user defined purposes. Keeping in mind the significance of event recorders in today’s world, we arrived at a common decision of making ATTENDANCE RECORDING SYSTEM USING RFID

If a system is available by means of which attendance data be stored, accessed, sorted, and processed and obtained in a form of a detailed report which may be used directly for payroll generation, hence saving a lot of precious time. It functions as a network of microchip “smart tags” and receivers. Each smart tag is embedded with a unique electronic product code (EPC) and a micro-antenna. Once assigned, the EPC becomes a DNA-like marker for the item, identifying it from every other item in the world. When a tagged item passes within range of a reader, the reader retrieves the EPC via radio waves, identifies the item and its exact location, and relays this real-time information to a central computer. Taken together, the series of transactions comprise a comprehensive record of the tagged item’s movement from point of origin to point of sale.

The project can be used by many organizations like our college itself. Whereby the traditional system of signing in the musters will now be replaced and replaced well by using tags allotted to the staff. However the current user is a small California startup called InCom has developed a radio frequency identification (RFID) system called InClass to automate attendance-taking in elementary and secondary schools. The system uses ultra-high frequency (UHF) readers mounted in classroom doorways and passive RFID tags attached to student ID card holders. A unique 15-digit ID number is written to each tag and associated with the...
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