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RFID Technology
“Real Time GPS System for a University Using RFID”

Research Practice March/April 2013


Literature Review
RFID is a generic term for technologies that use radio wave to automatically identify individual items. RFID is a technology that allows data transfer between tags and readers without the necessity of line of light over a distance of up to a couple of 10 m depending on the type of tag used. For RFID system, the information is being transferred via radio wave, and multiple tags can be read or written simultaneously. Now let’s discuss the various Automatic Identification systems. There are different kinds of technologies existing for Auto ID systems. In terms of applications, cost requirement, and functionality demands, one or a mix of solutions are adopted to fulfill the Auto ID functionality and information collection in the applied systems. With the cost decline in wireless and GPS technology, Auto ID systems can integrate these high-end technologies with IT systems to offer not only the identification functionality but also value added information and service in the applied systems. It can greatly improve the information visibility in the system information flow. * Barcode Systems

Barcode is a binary code comprising a field of bars and gaps arranged in a parallel configuration. They are arranged according to a pre-determined pattern and represent data elements that refer to an associated symbol. The sequence made up of wide and narrow bars and gaps can be interpreted numerically and alphanumerically. It is read by optical laser scanning. However, despite being identical in their physical design, there are considerable differences between the code layouts. The most popular barcode is the EAN (European Article Number) code, which was designed specifically to fulfill the requirements of the grocery industry in 1976. In addition to the EAN code, there are some other popular codes such as Code 39, Code 2/5. * Smart Cards

A smart card is an electronic data storage system, possibly with additional computing capacity (microprocessor card), which is incorporated into a plastic card. The first smart cards in the form of prepaid telephone smart cards were launched in 1984. Smart cards are supplied with energy and a clock pulse from the reader via the contact surface. Data transfer between the reader and the card takes place using a bidirectional serial interface (I/O port). There are two basic types of smart card based upon their internal functionality: memory card and microprocessor card. One of the primary advantages of the smart card is the fact that the data stored on it can be protected against undesired access and manipulation. Smart cards make all service that relate to information or financial transaction simpler, safer and cheaper. One disadvantage of contact based smart card is the vulnerability of the contacts to wear, corrosion and dirt. Readers that are used frequently are expensive to maintain to maintain due to their tendency to malfunction. In addition, readers that are accessible to the public cannot be protected against vandalism. * ISPYCONNECT System

ISpy can be used for various applications such as, from protecting your business and home with real-time SMS and MMS alerts to scanning the skies for UFOs, nanny cams, machinery monitoring, and neighborhood watch.

ISpy is both a Windows application and a web application.

The Windows application add cameras and microphones to a "surface", configure them and monitor them - displaying live video and even playing live audio from a variety of network sources. For playback of content it can either play the generated files in a viewer of your choice (Windows Media Player for example) or you can use the ISpyConnect website.

ISpyConnect is a web based service which provides a direct interface to control and browse ISpy through a web browser.

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