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Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a new generation of Auto Identification and Data collection technology which helps to automate business processes and allows identification of large number of tagged objects like books, using radio waves. RFID based Library Management system (LMS) would allow fast transaction flow for the library and will prove immediate and long term benefits to library in traceability and security.

In this project the we are using the RFID technology for identifying the books and persons based on unique Tag number and LPC2148 Microcontroller which is ARM7 architecture will process the data and sends it personal computer side data base in which the data base will be maintained about the Person who is taking the book and which book he is taking and that data base will be updated when the book is returned.

Here the LPC2148 (ARM7) which we are using is the current dominant microcontroller in mobile based products and software development Tool as Keil, flash magic for loading hex file in to the microcontroller.

SOFTWARE: Embedded ‘C’
TOOLS: Keil, Flash magic
TARGET DEVICE: LPC2148(ARM7) Microcontroller.
APPLICATIONS:Library management in the schools, colleges.
ADVANTAGES: Low cost, automated easy way of updating the books taking and returning information REFERENCE:
1. The 8051 micro controller and embedded systems by Mazidi 2. Datasheets and the user manuals of LPC2148.
3. ARM System developer’s Guide
* Andrew N. SLOSS
* Dominic SYMES
* Chris WRIGHT

LPC2148(ARM7) Microcontroller
Book’s RFID
Student’s RFID Tag
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