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Topics: Leveraged buyout, Final examination, Private equity Pages: 3 (280 words) Published: March 16, 2013
Entrepreneurial Finance and Private Equity| Luigi Zingales| Winter 2013| (773) 702-3196|

Class Schedule
Business 34101-01/02/81


1. For any issue related to course logistics, please contact Erika Morey at erika.morey@chicagobooth.edu. (773) 702-1235 in Harper Center suite 208. 2. If you are unable to come to class and turn in memoranda, email them to erika.morey@chicagobooth.edu prior to your section’s class time. DO NOT email them to me.


Week 1:Introduction, Organization, and Overview

A. Case:Yale University Investments Office.

Investing in Start Ups

B. Case:Technical Data Business Plan.

Week 2:
A. Case: Technical Data Corporation 9-283-072 (to be handed out in class during week 1) B. Case: Zipcar

Week 3:
A. Case: Honest Tea
B. Case: UltraVisual Medical Systems

Week 4:
A. Case: Dropbox “It Just Works”
B. Case: Horizon Communications

Week 5:
A. Case: RightNow Technologies
B. Case: edocs, Inc.

Week 6:
A. Case: Metapath Software

Private Equity

B. Case: Kirk Riedinger and Jamie Turner

Week 7:
A. Case: Pacific Source

International Dimensions

B. Case: Ducati & Texas Pacific Group: A “Wild Ride” Leveraged Buyout

Week 8:
A. Case: Surya Tutoring
B. Case: Oriental Fortune

The Future of the Private Equity Market

Week 9:
A. Case: Spectrum Equity Investors, LP.
B. Case: The Sale of Citigroup's Leveraged Loan Portfolio

Week 10:
A. Case: The Canada Pension Plan Investment Board
B. Course Recap.


Handout final exam on 3/11 for 34101-01/81.
Handout final exam on 3/12 for 34101-02.

Final exam due on 3/18 for 34101-01/81.
Final exam due on 3/19 for 34101-02.
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