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Persuasive Essay on Recycling
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GCSE WRITING TO ARGUE, PERSUADE AND ADVISE RECYCLING Is it possible for us to save our planet the Earth, from running out of resources? Yes, I am sure that we can. But which kinds of method should we choose to make this come true? In my opinions, recycling is the best way to make the Earth a better place to live on. Unfortunately, this method is not so popular among the society nowadays. There are not so many people who understand that recycling is not for our present, but for our future... Page 1


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Essay length: 602 words Submitted: 26/02/2012
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Recycling is a common term which describes a process of turning used substances, waste or products - such as papers, tin-cans, aluminum-cans, bottles, broken computers, cars, scrap iron, plastic, batteries, electrical machines, etc - into usable materials. It does neither mean to reuse or compost; the wastes are completely reprocessed to new materials. According to the environmentalists, a person in average releases 2 kilograms of trash every day. Nowadays, recycling and composting are considered to be the best method to reduce the amount of wastes. Recycling brings many advantages and benefits to different areas. I think the best or the most valuable benefit it gives is the reduction of using fresh materials and hence saving the Earth's resources. For example, instead of using making a paper from wood, we can make a new paper from used papers which have been recycled. Another advantage is that it reduces either the air pollution or water pollution. The traditional waste disposal is that it can be burnt or buried under the ground. The burning process creates smoke and releases a huge amount of CO2, therefore pollutes the Earth's atmosphere. It is stated that recycling actually reduces CO2 emission by 10-15 million tons in a year. If used products are buried by landfills, the water underground would be polluted. Furthermore, landfills take a lot of space while tons of trash is being buried every day. Reducing energy usage is another good thing about it although not all recycling processes save energy. The recycling of aluminum uses far less energy than using fresh aluminum. It is stated that it does save 95 percent of energy compared to fresh aluminum. Recycling does not only give the environmental benefits, but also financial benefits. There are still some debates over the economic issue but recycling does reduce the Read more (The above preview is unformatted text)

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