Rexiew on Related Literature

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Literature Review is the documentation of a comprehensive review of the published and unpublished work from secondary sources of data in the areas of specific interest to the researcher. •The main aim is to find out problems that are already investigated and those that need further investigation. •It is an extensive survey of all available past studies relevant to the field of investigation. •It gives us knowledge about what others have found out in the related field of study and how they have done so. •The Review of Related Literature is an abstract of the readings of the Researcher, logically woven using a well-organized topic outline. •Reference should be “in-text” throughout the paper rather than through footnotes.

Related studies are investigations that are usually unpublished materials, like manuscripts, thesis and dissertations which were conducted previously to which the present study has similarity and relatedness. They are also classified as: 1.Local- if the study was conducted in the country and

2.Foreign-if the study was conducted abroad.
The Review of Related Studies follows:
The order of presentation will be in accordance with the topic outline in the review of related literature and arranged from the most recent to the least recent findings. •These studies should be discussed and integrated with the conceptualization of the study. •The review concludes with a synthesis of the significant findings, which is an input to the theoretical/conceptual framework.

NOTE: During the collection of related literature & studies, make sure that after having taken the concepts in paragraph/s or phrases form, take note (in writing) the name of the author, title, publisher, and copyright year of the reading materials before they shall be returned. This is needed during the preparation of your BIBLIOGRAPHY.

To gain a background knowledge of the research topic.
To identify the concepts relating to it, potential relationships between them and to formulate researchable hypothesis. •To identify appropriate methodology, research design, methods of measuring concepts and techniques of analysis. •To identify data sources used by other researchers.

To learn how others structured their reports.
How to conduct the Literature Survey?
Identify the relevant sources.
Extract and Record relevant information.
Write-up the Literature Review.
Books and Journals
Electronic Databases
Bibliographic Databases
Abstract Databases
Full-Text Databases
Govt. and Industry Reports
Research Dissertations / Thesis

The format for citing a book is:
Author’s name, (year), Title of the book, Place of publication, Publisher’s name For Example; Koontz Harold (1980), Management, New Delhi, McGraw-Hill International

The format for citing a journal article is:
Author’s name, (year), Title of the article, Journal name, Volume (number), pages For Example; Sheth J.N (1973), A Model of Industrial Buying Behaviour, Journal of Marketing, 37(4), 50-56

How to write the review?
There are several ways of presenting the ideas of others within the body of the paper. •For Example; If you are referring the major influencing factors in the Sheth’s model of Industrial Buying Behaviour, it can be written as, Sheth (1973, p-50) has suggested that, there are a number of influencing factors …….. According to Sheth (1973) model of industrial buying behaviour, there are a number of influencing factors……..

Synthesis is a necessary portion of the Review of Related Literature. It presents the relationship of the present study to the investigations being reviewed. It summarizes and emphasizes its relevance to the current study. The use of the following expressions can help express this portion of the review:

1.“The related literature included in this study has significant...
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