Rewards Systems in India

Topics: Reward system, Reinforcement, Performance management Pages: 5 (1202 words) Published: October 10, 2012
1.Summarise the recent trend of reward systems in India.
The  current  trend  is  one  of  integrated  reward   approach. Reward system usually mean the financial reward on organization gives its employees in return for their labour. While the term reward system, not only includes material rewards, but also non-material rewards. The components of a reward system consist of financial rewards (basic and performance pay) and employee benefits, which together comprise total remuneration. They also include non-financial rewards (recognition, promotion, praise, achievement responsibility and personal growth) and in many case a system of performance management. Pay arrangements are central to the cultural initiative as they are the most tangible expression of the working relationship between employer and employee.  The  integrated reward  system  includes: 

Job evaluation and profiling 
Defining key performance indicators 
Analysis and modification of pay levels and structures to reflect both internal and market relativities  Designing of performance evaluation processes 
Structuring of individual, team and corporate performance bonuses  Social climate surveys with focus on remuneration 
Designing flexible benefits plans 
Implementation of new reward components in compensation package  Implementation and assistance in change communications 
Training for internal specialists in reward structure planning and maintenance 

Performance Based Reward is based on the definition of key performance indicators identified as part of job evaluation, and linking these indicators with reward components. A combination of performance measuring system and additional motivational components delivers an integrated performance-based reward system.  Flexible Benefit Schemes are a modern approach to the management of budgets for staff remuneration. Employee benefits constitute a considerable portion of staff costs, but they are often expended without the desired effect since employees do not perceive the full value of benefits. This system   increases  the   effectiveness and enable better control.  Why reward system is required? 

These components will be designed, developed and maintained on the basis of reward strategies and policies which will be created within the context of the organizations between strategies, culture and environment: they will be expected to fulfill the following broad aims;

1. Improve Organizational Effectiveness: Support the attainment of the organization's mission, strategies, and help to achieve sustainable, competitive advantage.

2. Support and change culture: Under pin and as necessary help to change the 'organizational culture' as expressed through its values for performance innovation, risks taking, quality, flexibility and team working.

3. Achieve Integration: Be an integrated part of the management process of the organization. This involves playing a key role in a mutually reinforcing and coherent range of personal policies and process. 

4. Supportive Managers: Support individual managers in the achievement of their goals.

5. Motivate Employees : Motivate employees to achieve high levels of quality performance.

6. Compete in the Labour Market: Attract and retain high quality people.

7. Increased Commitment: Enhance the commitment of employees to the organization that will a) want to remain members of it, b) develop a strong belief in and acceptance of the values and goals of the organization and c) be ready and willing to exert considerable effort on its behalf.

8. Fairness and Equity: Reward people fairly and consistently according to their contribution and values to the organization.

9. Improved Skills : Upgrade competence and encourage personal development.

10. Improved Quality: Help to achieve continuous improvement in levels of quality and customer service.

11. Develop team working : Improve co-operation and effective team working at all level.

12. Value for money:...
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