Reward and Compensation Strategies, a Comprehensive View of Developing a Performance Pay Plan

Topics: Customer service, Strategic management, Management Pages: 9 (1670 words) Published: January 22, 2011

Strayer University
Bus 525 Reward & Compensation

March 28, 2010

Assessment #5

This report has been developed to address how companies an motivate

their customer service team’s behavior to achieve the organization’s business

objectives through a “pay for performance pay plan”, which is used in the federal

government job sector. Throughout the U.S and internationally, customer service

has become the primary structure of many companies . Customer Service is the

central base used to communicate a company’s goods and services , commitment

to its customers, and to achieve sales. Large companies normally have several

departments that provide many services, and what tends to take place at some

given time is poor customer service, and endless customer transfers which can

deter customers from requesting help or even contracting their services.

To internally align the area of customer service with the organization’s

objectives and to “design and manage an internal pay structure” that helps the

company to succeed in customer service it is important to gather information

associated with the job ,such as competencies, tasks, surveys, and reports,

(George T. Milkovich, Jerry M. Newman & Carolyn Milkovich, Bus 525,Reward

Systems: Theory & Administration,2008, pg. 167).

Job competencies associated with customer service can be identified as the

“core competencies”,(George T. Milkovich, Jerry M. Newman & Carolyn

Milkovich, Bus 525,Reward Systems: Theory & Administration,2008, pg.

157). These “core competencies” are normally said to be associated with the

organization’s business strategy and goals, and are “linked to mission statements

that express an organization’s philosophy, values, business strategies, and plans”,

(G.T. Milkovich, J. M. Newman & C . Milkovich, 2008, pg. 157). Once the these

core competencies have been identified; the tasks associated with these core

competencies should be reviewed, employee surveys should be conducted to

identify how employees and managers feel about their jobs and the tasks

associated with it. The surveys should be designed to ask employees some of the

following questions:
A.How do you feel about your job?
B.Do you have the tools necessary to do your job?
C.Do you feel that you have had sufficient training in your job? D.Are you able to speak with your manager when you have questions about your job? E.Do you feel comfortable with performing your job?

F.Do you have a best friend at work.
G.Do you feel that your unit works as a team?
H.Where do you see yourself after five years with the company? I.Which tasks associated with your job do you have difficulties with? J.Do you feel that your manager cares about your well-being? K.Describe what a typical day consists of while you are performing your Job related tasks?

L.What are some of the problems you see from day to day in performing your tasks? M.Are there any modifications in the workflow or process of your job that you feel can be improved? N.Do you feel that your pay relates to the duties that you perform as a customer service representative, (G.T. Milkovich, J. M. Newman & C . Milkovich, 2008, pg. 170)? O.Do you understand what is expected of you in performing your job, (G.T. Milkovich, J. M. Newman & C . Milkovich, 2008, pg. 170)? By developing a survey such as this employees and managers can help

managerial staff develop a plan that can address problem areas in customer

service that will further assist the organization in meeting their organizational

goals and business strategies.

Surveys are said to be used to “assess and improve employee acceptability,

and is further stated to be a way that employees can express their agreement

with the way they are evaluated by management, what is expected of

them and how well their...
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