Revolutionary War vs. 9/11

Topics: American Revolutionary War, Difference, Nationalism Pages: 2 (518 words) Published: February 6, 2013
The Revolutionary War and 9/11 were both events that are still very talked about today.. They impacted America so much, and shook our history forever. Despite the differences in era, cause, and effects, they were also were alike in many ways.

The Revolutionary War and 9/11 differ in many ways. First, the obvious fact that they took place in very different time periods. The Revolutionary War, which took place from 1775-1783 was an era before modern technology. Therefore, it took days, maybe even weeks before the media could inform the people of the events of the war. In the events on 9/11, which took place on September 11, 2001, people all across the globe knew what was going on by the second. News channels were buzzing, and the world was able to mourn along with the ones in the event. Technology also caused a major rift in between the two events due to the differences in weaponry. The Revolutionary War’s best weapons were early versions of muskets, rifles, cannons, pistols, and bayonets. In 9/11, they used box cutters, bombs, cellular communication, and airplanes. Finally, the Revolutionary War was a collection of multiple events and battles which took over a long period of time. Years, in fact. 9/11 simply took one day.

Despite their many differences, the two events are quite similar. Both the Revolutionary War and 9/11 caused fear and sadness in America. After 9/11, people were afraid of flying airplanes, leaving their homes, and some even grew paranoid of all Muslims. During the Revolutionary War, there was fear of both British and Native American terrorism. Another similarity is that both resulted in thousands of people dead or wounded. There were approximately 25,000 wounded, and another 25,000 people found dead during the Revolutionary War. In 9/11, 6,291 people were wounded, while 2,998 died. One similarity that is still very strong today is that both drastically divided the nation. During the Revolutionary War, the people were turned...
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