Revolutionary Mothers

Topics: Housekeeping, Homemaker, Woman Pages: 3 (736 words) Published: February 21, 2011
Revolutionary Mothers

When Americans think of Revolution, they remember the glorious generals, brave patriots, and heroic battles for independence. They see the image of these brave men fighting for freedom, while women are waiting for them at home, doing their chores and sewing together the American flag. This vision of Revolution is traditionally centered on men, but history, on the other hand, has a different story to tell. During the Revolutionary era the life of a woman was very different from what it is today. In the colonial society, a woman’s life was determined by her marriage. The status of her husband would determine her way of living.1 That is why it was very important for a girl to learn things like etiquette, dancing and other languages, in order to marry someone from the upper class. Wife had a role of a companion to her husband. She had to be obedient, agreeable, fertile and faithful to him. Women relied entirely on their husbands, because they could not own any property. It was considered that women were simply going from their father’s house to their husband’s. Sons, on the other hand, would get education and learn certain trades, while women were considered to be too weak minded for that. If woman’s husband died, her property was under her supervision, until her son’s became of age to legally own it. They spent their lives doing household chores or helping with farm work. The upper class women were seen as figures. They had to be charming, elegant, and always follow the etiquette. They did not do as much of house work as lower class women. They had maids and slaves that did the most of the housekeeping. But even women of the upper class could not vote or hold office. Because of this position in English colonial society, women were stripped of any real appreciation they made during the Revolution. When England really started to heavily tax the American colonies and the Coercive Acts were enforced, people of the Massachusetts Bay...
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