Revolution in Technological Warfare

Topics: Human, Science, Armour Pages: 2 (443 words) Published: March 19, 2013
A revolution in technological warfare had its huge breakthrough following the uniforms of our soldiers. Researchers at the Rice University lab in Houston, Texas use a ballistic material called, polystyrene-polydimethylsiloxane diblock-copolymer could potentially stop a 9-millimeter bullet and seal the entryway behind it. The way this material works is that when it is penetrated by an object at a high velocity, the material melted into a liquid that stopped the fast-moving object and actually sealed the hole it made. Researchers believe that by continuing with their ballistic material they could revolutionize U.S. uniforms and help protect them.

The news of this extraordinary new discovery is definitely exciting. It’s not every day that warfare improves to this extreme. There are the good and bad effects of this invention though. It will definitely save more lives as our soldiers serve our country yet on the contrary peace keepers will be against it. If more people were to acknowledge that this new ballistic armor could save more lives, more would want to volunteer none the less making it easier for future presidents to declare war. I see more of the dark side of this new invention. It could have a sci-fi feel to it as well. If a person were to go at a high velocity towards this material, it would incisively capture it, possibly killing it as it closes behind it. What if something completely went wrong with this material? It is a first to the introduction of the world of ballistic material and we could never know what potential it could have towards us clumsy humans. It could also start controversies against other countries declaring this material should be banned. What about production of these armors? How will it affect our environment? What action could be taken if they were to be destroyed? Many questions lead to this complex material yet no answers until it will be too late.

This article reminds me of the 2004 film “I, Robot” starring Will Smith. In this...
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