Revital: Case Study

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  • Published : February 11, 2011
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Revital Revital, a rejuvenator (Vitamin Mineral Supplement) from the house of Ranbaxy, was converted to OTC status in 2003. The target audience was the mass market, people in the lower income brackets, leading a hectic and physically demanding lifestyles. The core challenge, to convince consumers that fatigue is a disease that needs to be and can be treated. The challenge outlined was to create a need for the product, build a belief in its effectiveness and results, and convince them to not only invest in a premium product, but to complete the requisite course of dosage.

Idea We started off by targeting people straddling multiple roles, challenging life styles, and the want to succeed in every venture. They would like to give everything their best and squeeze the most out of every minute available. This tends to drain their energy and slow down mental and physical alertness, thus compromising on their performance and ability to carry on through the day. The idea was to shake the TG out of their misconception, convince them that they need Revital and propel them to take immediate action to overcome the ‘disease of fatigue’

Solution A 2-tier communication approach was adopted to build mass-scale awareness and relevance for Revital in people’s lives – with a creative tool to invoke disruption and a creative testimonial method to build empathy. In essence, to communicate to them that they can do better and feel better in life after taking Revital. We also introduced an incentive for trial of Revital. A 3-week challenge was created. It revolved around rejuvenation in just 21 days of ingesting Revital. Through this, we showcased the signs and symptoms of fatigue that have turned into blind spots - for example “Do you feel like sleeping a little longer every morning? We also added an additional hook on the proof of efficacy – 21 days promise or your money back. The strategy was brought alive with the popular phrases ‘Thakna mana hai’ and ‘Battery Full’.

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