Revisions to Final Paper

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  • Published : December 22, 2012
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Revisions to Final Paper
Thomas Cox
December 23, 2012
Marilyn Sahiba

Revisions to Final Paper
After receiving back my draft of my final paper, I made several changes to it; taking into consideration not only my instructors comments and suggestions, but also suggestions from the Center for Writing Excellence. Some of these suggestions crisscrossed from my instructor to Write Point, and made it a bit easier in making those changes. Some of the instructor suggested changes were basic formatting problems in the in-text citations, references, rewording, and the avoidance of using contractions within an academic research paper. With the basic formatting, I was missing paragraph numbers, and page numbers. Both of which were referred to by my instructor as well as Write Point, which of course I subsequently changed in my paper. Some of the rewording was to avoid using rhetorical questions, and simple sentence structure changes in the rewording; using “what about” instead of “what of.” Another suggestion from my instructor was to use the CWE tools and the Plagiarism Checker, all of which I had already used and were making changes even before the writing of this essay. The WritePointSM suggestions were the avoidance of using salutatory titles, such as Miss O-Mara in my paper; avoiding feelings of affections, such as using the word regard, instead of using “in regards,” which was explained as a feeling of affection. Also, WritePointSM suggested not using the word “it” because it is undefined, and replace it with the word “concerning,” when in reference to the educational content. WritePointSM also gave the same advice as my instructor in the avoidance of using rhetorical questions in academic writing. It was explained that the intent of my paper should be to provide answers and not questions. Just as my instructor had suggested, WritePointSM also caught my incorrect usage of in-text citations, noting that I needed page numbers or paragraph numbers. All of...
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