Revision Questions Chapter 1 Meanings of Health, Health Behaviour of Young People

Topics: Perception, Psychology, Socioeconomic status Pages: 1 (318 words) Published: March 3, 2013
1. Use examples to explain why people's health is constantly changing. Illustrate your understanding on a health continuum. Discuss the following points in your explanation: (a) the interactions between the different dimensions of health (b) how health changes over time

(c) how changing circumstances and experiences affect health. (P1) 2. Outline factors that have a significant influence on people's perception of their health. Provide examples to illustrate how the various factors can affect the perceptions people form. (P1) 3. Explain how and why two distinctly different social groups are likely to have different perceptions of health. Use an example in your description; for example, young people and the elderly, people of high socioeconomic status and low socioeconomic status. Discuss the possible implications these differing perceptions may have on their health behaviours. (P1, P2) 4. Health is now seen as a social construct. Explain what this means. Discuss how viewing health as a social construct is likely to affect our perceptions of the health of people who are: (a) homeless

(b) elite athletes. (P3)
5. Outline how the media can influence people's perceptions about health. (P3) 6. Identify and discuss measures of health that provide indicators of the positive health status of young people. (P16) 7. Outline areas of concern relating to the current health of young people and discuss reasons for these areas being identified as concerns. (P16) 8. Devise a set of questions that could be used to assess the behaviours of young people in relation to issues relevant to their health. (P3, P16) 9. Identify behaviours that are likely to protect or risk the health and well-being of young people. For each identified behaviour, explain the possible impact on: (a) the immediate health of young people

(b) the future health of young people. (P2)
10. Using examples, explain why the interaction of multiple risk factors contributes to poorer levels of...
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