Revise Actively

Topics: Thought, Psychology, Educational technology Pages: 2 (478 words) Published: February 3, 2013
Revise actively. Rather than simply reading, break out the other possible ways for getting information to stick in your mind. It's hard to stay focused on the same topic using the same learning method all the time. By turning your revision into active revision, you can liven it up a bit and help your memory work more effectively. Active revision includes: * Mind mapping. This is a fun and concise and effective way of making revision notes. * Read the information you need to learn. But don't stop there. Actively think about what you've just read. Ask yourself questions and think about the consequences should certain elements of it be changed or should certain features occur differently. Whether it's science or history, small changes can make big differences and your thinking process is the important part. * Draw freely. Many people find breaking down information into drawings helpful to better understand what they are dealing with. Diagrams, mind maps, freehand drawings, et cetera can all be useful ways of improving both your understanding and creating a much easier memory aid than simply relying on words. Don't be afraid to use colors in much the same way––color your drawing or highlight the text. * Find someone who knows nothing about the topic and explain to them. Even if it's explaining to the mirror or your cat, just take the time out to talk to someone as if they're learning about it for the very first time, and you're the teacher. It's very hard to forget information once you've done this. * Do a switch on the last method and pretend you're on TV or the radio being interviewed about the topic. Ask yourself a series of questions and reply as succinctly and clearly as you can, pretending people are listening and wanting to learn all about it. * Role play being your lecturer or the teacher. This can be rather fun! * Write down your notes from memory and then return to your original notes and fill in the gaps...
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