Reviews on Energy Sources in South Africa

Topics: Energy development, Wind power, Fossil fuel Pages: 3 (893 words) Published: October 13, 2011
Review on Sources

In South Africa Electrical Energy is supplied mainly in the Form of grid electricity provided by ESKOM. However, consumers still consider other alternative energy sources for use in order to reduce energy expenses. Users particularly in low income households continue to use a variety of other energy sources. Other sources include solar energy, wind energy, hydrocarbon fuels wood, coal and paraffin and own power generation using generators.


Grid electricity from Eskom is the most common source of energy for household consumers in South Africa and in 1997 it provided around 66% of the overall household energy supply. As the country increased dependability on Eskom over the years (because of the country being more urban over the years), now it provides more for household consumers. Eskom distributes electricity through the National Power Grid which then supplies the households and other consumers with electricity. Consumers are charged a standard price in KW/h irrespective of their location and the source that generated their electricity (Eskom power is generated by coal, Hydropower, wind energy and nuclear energy etc.)

Solar Energy refers to energy provided by the Sun’s heat. Solar energy technologies like solar panels utilize the direct sunlight for heating and other purposes. The most common feature of the solar energy technologies is that, unlike other energy sources, it is inexhaustible. The most common application of solar energy is heating, cooling and electricity generation for applications like lighting. In South Africa, Solar energy is viable as most of the country has areas with very high sun radiation (i.e. Upington in the Northern Cape Province has an average of 6400Wh/m2).The energy is collected during a sunny day and stored for use at night and days without powerful sun radiation.

Wood was the first and major source of energy for most of human history. It is still readily...
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