Reviewing Woody Case

Topics: Anxiety, Cortisol, Social anxiety disorder Pages: 3 (856 words) Published: January 29, 2013
Sherry Murry
Argosy University
October 26,2012

After reviewing Woody case and reading the symptom it is believe that he have anxiety disorder and stress the symptom. I provide some more examples in my paper. The first symptom that was described to me for anxiety disorder was dizziness sweaty palms, stomachaches and shortness of breath. There are other symptoms that reply to anxiety disorder. Butch (2009) In contrast to fear and panic, anxiety is a complex blend of unpleasant emotions and cognitions that is both more oriented to the future and much more diffuse than fear (Barlow, 1988, 2002a). But like fear, it has not only cognitive/subjective components but also physiological and behavioral components. At the cognitive/subjective level, anxiety involves negative mood, worry about possible future threat or danger, self-preoccupation, and a sense of being unable to predict the future threat or to control it if it occurs. At a physiological level, anxiety often creates a state of tension and chronic over arousal, which may reflect readiness for dealing with danger should it occur (“Something awful may happen and I had better be ready for it if it does”). Although there is no activation of the fight-or-flight response as there is with fear, anxiety does prepare or prime a person for the fight-or-flight response should the anticipated danger occur. At a behavioral level, anxiety may create a strong tendency to avoid situations where danger might be encountered, but there is not the immediate behavioral urge to flee with anxiety as there is with fear (Barlow, 1988, 2002a). Support for the idea that anxiety is descriptively and functionally distinct from fear or panic comes both from complex statistical analyses of subjective reports of panic and anxiety, and from a great deal of neurobiological evidence (e.g., Bouton, 2005; Bouton, Mineka, & Barlow, 2001; Davis, 2006; Gorman et al., 2000). Butch (2009). I have provide some example from the book that...
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