Review the Results of Your Ethical Lens Inventory and Reasoning Abilities

Topics: Thought, Critical thinking, Want Pages: 2 (645 words) Published: May 26, 2013
Ethical Lens Inventory
Keith A. Hovey
May 19, 2013
Karen Alston

Ethical Lens Inventory
My ethical lens inventory suggests that I have a rounded sense of things. It was a pretty accurate assessment of how I see the world, and of how I make my decisions. I really do try to see all sides of anything so that I can determine a sensible outcome. I do attempt to remain ethical at all times as I move about in the world, but it is right in one other case. I do have a difficult time making speedy decisions because of it. Attempting to be autonomous, stay fair, rationalize things, and remain sensible is often times difficult, and if I'm not careful leads me to indecision. Each situation calls for a different set of tools in deciphering what is the moral high ground. Sometimes what's best for me isn't best for someone else, and all too often as adults we have to make those decisions based on their outcome rather than what we want. In the core values determination of the assessment it suggests that I'm sensible, rational, try to be autonomous, and treat people equally. I really do take a lot into consideration when I make every decision. Like it says; Each situation is unique, and not all exceptions can be categorized. I make ethical choices for myself, and for my family. I see it as a must.

I'm not sure that my ethical lens will direct my academic behavior any differently. I try hard to make sure that all of my work is original, I always answer honestly, and I give all that I can for this education. Sometimes that isn't enough, but it's all that I have to give. The whole point of being here is the degree. I want to actually LEARN what I'm here to learn. Can not do that by copying, stealing, and cheating work. You get what you put in.

My ethical lens might effect my critical thinking a little, but only because it highlights things I really don't think about. I never stopped to consider tagging my core values with...
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