Review: The Hammer

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  • Published : April 27, 2013
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Sam Simmons
2nd hour
Matt Hamill is a deaf wrestler in the movie The Hammer. In the beginning of the movie, Matt is little “d” deaf. Little “d” deaf represents not being proud that one is deaf. At the end of the movie, Matt becomes big “D” deaf. Big “D” deaf represents that one is proud to be deaf. The Hammer taught the accomplishments that a deaf person can achieve.

Matt was born in Loveland, Ohio in October 5th, 1976. He was tested for deafness when he was young. He was confirmed for deafness by a doctor. Matt’s grandfather wanted him to be educated through a hearing school. Matt’s mother disagreed; she wanted Matt to go to a residential school, or a school for the deaf. As a young child Matt was little “d” deaf. Matt went to a mainstream school, or hearing school, and was educated in a special needs classroom. Matt was viewed as if he had a “disability.” Matt was not taught sign language. He had a hearing aid, but it did not help him hear because he was deaf. Matt was bullied in school because he was “disabled” and the students would take advantage of Matt because he was deaf. Matt’s grandfather tried to assist Matt in his speech. This is another example of how Matt was little “d” deaf. After school, Matt would come home and his grandfather would help speak. His grandfather would show Matt his lips and he would ask Matt to resemble what he did. His grandfather wanted Matt to speak. Eventually, Matt learned how to speak and read lips. Matt began to attend R.I.T, which was a school for the hearing and the deaf. When he went to R.I.T, he struggled communicating with the other students attending. He had to learn sign language to communicate. He was never taught to sign. Matt did not understand sign language. After, he attended Loveland High School in 1994. “I was the only deaf student in a mainstream school. I grew up without many friends.” Loveland was a mainstream school and every one spoke. When Matt attended Purdue, he was unable to communicate well...
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