Review: The Gospel according to Mark

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  • Published : December 7, 2012
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Hazel Semper
Professor Melinda Darnell
English 1302 6MN
26 November 2012

Jorge Borges’ “The Gospels According to Mark”

As the story unfolds, it speaks of a small family by the name of the Gutres, which included father, son, and daughter, who came from a humble way of living, ignorant to the ways of the modern world. As described by the nineteenth-century American poet Oliver Wendell Holmes, “Men are idolaters, and want something to throw themselves down before; they always did and they always will”. Baltasar Espinosa was a medical student from Buenos Aires. He is described as having “unlimited kindness and an oratorical faculty that had earned him several prizes from the English school in Ramos Mejia.” (para. 1). At the time of the story, Baltasar Espinosa was thirty-three years old, same as Jesus Christ when he was crucified. The Gutres saw Espinosa as such a man. Someone that could save them, heal and deliver them from their sins.

Three points that will be discussed in the story about the Gutres’ view of Espinosa: (1) The Gutres comparison of Espinosa to Jesus as a healer, (2) Espinosa as a teacher, and (3) Espinosa’s crucifixion.

For example, the Gutres were very primitive people; they had their own ways of doing things. The young daughter of the foreman, Mr. Gutre’, had a pet lamb that was adorned with a blue ribbon, had injured itself. To stop the bleeding Mr. Gutre wanted to put cobwebs on the cut, but instead Espinosa gave the animal some pills. By giving him the pills, it healed the lamb, which made Espinosa a healer in the eyes of the Gutres. Every time Espinosa read them a passage from the bible, they made the connection with him to Jesus Christ.

The Gutres saw Espinosa as a teacher. Earlier in the story Espinosa took the time to read the Bible to the Gutres, who were very attentive, as did the followers of Jesus when he taught the multitudes. They would sit anywhere and listen as the word was being spoken to them. In...
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