Review the Ethical Cycle (Page19). Discuss a Decision You Have Made (at Home or in the Workplace), and Describe the Steps of the Cycle in Relation to Your Decision Making Process. Now Review the Section on Rationalizing

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  • Published : June 15, 2013
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Two years ago, when I was working at an import and export company, I got to work with a tax officer in order to register a tax code for that new establishment as soon as possible to launching in the market. During the meeting, the officer purposely mentioned whether my company wanted to push up the process faster and easier. If agree, he promised to help with a return. Being a department head of accounting division, I got to decide if company should have lobbied to that officer to gain such advantage. The ethical concern was involved. The ethical cycle can be used to analyze the decision making process for the above case. In my company, there was a moral problem statement in place in which we clearly identified any actions of bribery, money laundering, etc are considered as unethical, non-compliance that are against company policies in particular and laws & regulations in general. At problem analysis stage, I then identified which persons or related parties would be involved and received any impacts from my decision. Here, it was obviously the company is the key stakeholder, and the biggest impact if I accepted the offer would be the company’s reputation would be damaged, and probably involved in discipline or penalty by government if the bribe becomes known. Another party would be myself, maybe I would lost my own reputation or I would not be able to conduct my profession as a professional accountant. Basically, I would have 2 options, either accept or reject it. By accepting the offer, the company and I would keep moral values of honesty, transparence, fairness, and integrity. On top of that, the company’s moral principle statement set forth is complied with. The final decision was taken to not accepting the unethical offer, and the company would just follow the normal process in getting the code, preventing anybody gaining any personal advantages from unethical behaviors in business environment. The relationship between ethical cycle and the three simple...
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