Review: The Amadeus

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  • Published : December 20, 2006
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The Amadeus is a biographical movie about Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. He was born in 1756 and died 1791, which was rather short lifetime span. Mozart, he was the composer of Classical Period, and one of the most famous and well-known composers of all time. He was boy wonder of his time. When he was six, he played harpsichord, and violin for king. He had ability to write music pieces even when he only was eight. He wrote symphony when he was eight, then oratorio at eleven, then opera when he was twelve. He truly was a genius of music. Before his death, and before people recognized how genius he is and how genius his works are, he was more popular as a boy wonder then an adult musician who wrote great pieces. As for the movie, this movie has very dark setting. I felt like darkness of screen gave impression of how Mozart's life wasn't as good as people would like to think. In movie, he was described as immature man who loved women and layback life. One Maestro who felt jealousy on Mozart's pure talent on music called him as creature in the movie. The first scene of Mozart playing in front of king gave me the impression of how good of life he had when he was in younger age. The second Mozart I see is the grown up one, which is immature creature that runs after a girl and being late to his own recital. In movie, he has king's word to compose music piece for national concert and he is being very successful for this job. He first attempted to write opera in German, which was never tried for attempted before his time. Before Mozart's time, opera was only written in Italian, because high-class members thought that is the only was to write and listens to opera. He wanted write whatever his wanted and whatever he desired, he couldn¡¯t keep up the relationships between king and himself. From then, unlike from the real story, the movie only described how Mozart's life went downfall. I believe movie was trying to emphasize more onto Mozart's downfall then how his life really...
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