Review Test in Social Studies for 2nd Year Hs

Semi-arid climate, Rain, Climate

Review Test in SOCIAL STUDIES 2nd yr

1. It is the broad division of human knowledge which is concerned with the study of the surface of the earth and its relation to the activities of man. 2. the largest continent on earth. It also known as the land of the rising sun 3. . also known as the” land of the setting sun”known 4. it was the ancient name of Asia.

5. It is the gaseous envelope that surrounds the earth’s surface 6. world’s highest mountain
7. the highest peak
8. It is sometimes called the Ring of Fire, and also known as an earthquake belt 9. the most important economic activity in asia
10. It was the ancient name given to countries of Asia far from Europe. 11. It was the ancient name given to countries near Europe. 12. Asia is devided into ___ regions.
13. the largest nad highest plateau in the world
14. 2 of the most important rivers in Asia
15. .
16. Solid portion of the earth.
17. it is the ocean that can be found east of Asia
18. Kind of climate where weather is usually hot and humid 19. Climate with abundant rainfall but is concentrated in the high sun season, showing warm temperature throughout the year. 20. These climate are characterized by the fact that precipitation is less than evapotranspiration. 21. The term used to describe evaporation of water from the parts of plants 22. The term used to describe the transport of water from the surface of the earth and the plant transpiration to the atmosphere. 23. These climate have an average temp. above 10 C in their warmest months and 30C-18C in the coldest month. 24. A type of climate that typifies that of the interior of a large landmass. These are usually dry because of lost mioisture due to rainfall. 25. Climate that usually lacks warm summers and has no month having an average temp. of 10C or higher. 26. It is the angular distance north and south of the equator and is measured...
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