Review Questions, Chapter 2

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Review Questions Chapter 2:

What is a business case? How does a business case affect an IT project?

A business plan that forecasts costs and revenues for a particular project over several years, especially to attract financing. It affects because it would say whether the IT project is good enough to go or should it be abandoned. So for any company can save money.

What is a SWOT analysis and why is it important?

A SWOT analysis is to study any factor affecting any company and how it would work. It is important because it can let the company detect its problems and its solutions to keep the company alive.

What are five common reasons for systems projects?

The Five common factors (TELOS) are Technology and system feasibility, Economic feasibility, Legal feasibility,Operational feasibility, Schedule feasibility.

What are some internal and external factors that affect systems projects?

Strategic Plan, Top Managers, User Requests, Information Technology Department, Existing Systems and Data.

What are some advantages and disadvantages of a systems review committee?

If you use the end users for testing it is good. Using systems people to test systems may be good for systems dept but not for end users.

What is feasibility? List and briefly discuss four feasibility tests?

Feasibility is simply weather or not something can be done. The four tests are: operational feasibility: is the proposal desirable from an operational point of view. technical feasibility: are the necessary resources available to do the project. economic feasibility: what will the project cost, will it be acceptable from a financial point of view. schedule feasibility: is there adequate time to do the work. How do tangible benefits differ from intangible benefits?

Tangible Benefit: - It is a benefit to a person or organization which can be felt and touched. It is a real benefit which is straight forward. Ex: Saving money...
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