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Topics: Object-oriented programming, Unified Modeling Language, Subroutine Pages: 2 (358 words) Published: November 21, 2012
1. Explain the significance of components (encapsulation) in the context of object-oriented development. 2. Explain how does OO based development helps reuse?
3. How does the concept of inheritance relate to OO-based development? 4. How does the concept of composition/ aggregation relate to OO-based development? 5. Identify the four components of a use case and how they affect each other. 6. Provide an example for actor generalization. What is the significance of generalizing or specializing actors? 7. Provide an example for use case generalization. What is its significance? 8. What are the differences between “extend” and “include” use cases? 9. How do you define structural modeling in an object-oriented approach? 10. How would you distinguish objects from classes? Can you provide an example? 11. Where do classes originate from?

12. To build an information system, which one do you need to identify first, classes or objects? Explain. 13. Structural modeling represents classes or objects?
14. How does encapsulation protect business rules from unauthorized access and manipulation? 15. How does an object’s interface relate to services that the object provides? 16. Comment on the statement: “Classes provide the containers and objects provide the contents.” 17. Why should operations be described by verbs?

18. What is “protected” visibility? Give an example.
19. What is the difference between aggregation and composition? Give an example for each. 20. Describe the relationship between dynamic modeling, behavioral modeling and structural modeling. 21. Comment on this statement: “Dynamic modeling is about interaction.” 22. How sequence diagram differs from use-case modeling?

23. Explain how objects interact by exchanging messages.
24. Explain the role of parameters and return values in exchanging messages. 25. What are the building blocks of a sequence diagram?
26. Explain the lifetime...
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