Review on the Chedi Hotel’s Restaurant

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  • Published : August 1, 2008
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1.Reservations, Host, Greeting and Seating
The reservation process was done by our organizer, Aj. Chutiporn. When we arrived in The Chedi Hotel, our group was warmly welcomed by the front desk staffs. After a few moments, we were led to their restaurant and had some speeches with Food & Beverage manager talking about brief background of the hotel and the process of dining & banquet management. After we took a short sightseeing around the establishment, we were back to the dining area. The table-settings were amazingly prepared by the restaurant staffs. Each of us took our own seat waited for the lunch.

2.Appearance of Facility
When we first got in the restaurant, I noticed that the dining room was decorated with fine furniture. As we were taking our seat, the waiters / waitresses came by and placed facial refreshing spray bottles and cold towels for us. After using this spray, I felt better before having lunch. The room temperature inside the restaurant was not very cold but not very warm. I felt so comfortable in there. The table-settings are equipped with silver wares and china wares. The surface of the table is made with dark colored mat. I noticed that it was not only the tables but also other facilities in the dining room were furnished with mat. Even butter spoon, sugar cup and pepper mill were made out of wooden.

3.Beverage Service
I would say their beverage services are well prepared. We were served with ice water, ginger juice as cold beverage before the main course of lunch and coffee / tea as hot beverage after lunch. Their service standard was highly impressed as I could see from the way they served each customer. Beverages were not left empty. If a guest still needed more drink, a staff would stop by and asking whether he/she wanted to refill the drink or not.

4.Service by personnel
Staffs looked very active during the process of serving lunch. Staffs came and served the food one after another. Female guests in our group were...
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