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  • Published : May 1, 2013
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Journal article critique
This research is mainly about the situation of Australian labour market in the recent decade, regarded as “quiet decade.” It concerned about Interesting questions emerged in the 2000s. For examples, increasing labour force participation by older males and immigrants – reversing the previous trend for both groups. Another question is about the causes of a decline in average working hours and why there appears to have been a greater role for average hours of work in adjustment to downturns in the 2000s. Briefly introducing some important sections, Section 2 illustrated a variety of background information for an understanding about the Australian labour market in the 2000s and developments in the 1990s, then the section 3 showed a review of key features of the Australian economy in the 2000s, next, a summary of recent labour market policy developments was explained in section 4.

Jeff Borland, the writer, though that the labour market received less attention from policy-makers in the 2000s. From his perspective, in all these ways, the 2000s were very different to the decades that came before. So he generated this research to explain the 2000s labor market in details with a vast amount of data. The main purpose of this research is to provide a general summary written quite literally of the labor market which serves employers and employees as a reference. Furthermore, get the government and people’s attention about the problems existed in the 2000s labor market, meanwhile, highlight the improvements in the recent decade.

This research used a vast amount of the descriptive studies. To illustrate this, by comparison with the 1990s labor market, the writer listed some figures of variables, such as the growth percentage of employment, labour force, population, GDP and real unit labor cost. Employment grew at an average of 2.3 per cent per annum over the decade, and labour force participation grew at 2.2 per cent; whereas population growth...
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