Review of Wanna's Article

Topics: Australia, Federation, Government Pages: 3 (664 words) Published: August 31, 2010
Wanna, J 2007, Improving Federalism: Drivers of Change, Repair Options and Reform Scenarios, The Australian Journal of Public Administration, vol. 66, no. 3, pp 275-279. Purpose
The author aims to inform the readers of the impediments and declining condition of the current system of Australian Federalism, he provides evidence for the need to change and provides reforms on how to make governance work better to provide improved policy outcomes for the Australian community. Argument/Finding

The author emphasized the separate but often blurred responsibilities between the three levels of government. The mistrust, competition for policy space, and uncoordinated resources between the governments, as wasteful and damaging to the delivery of vital services – water, [climate change], infrastructure and [congestion] – climate change and congestion are not ‘vital services’ but problems to be addressed by the government. Need for greater clarity of government functions, roles and responsibilities was highlighted. The need for the Commonwealth and the states to agree on the parameters of their separate roles in order to reduce the duplicate administrative structures that had arisen between the two governments. Federalism was in decline internationally due to markets becoming more national and global. Local or regional identity was diminishing due to technological advancements in communications and media. Renew review of micro-economic agendas and cooperation between Commonwealth and states in the rationalisation of regulations and uniformity of standards and regulations to resolve globalisation issues to a degree. To ensure that the states either have the capacity to raise their own funds, or receive a sufficient share of overall tax revenue, to allow them to fulfil their responsibilities. The conclusion was a consensus that greater levels of trust would be needed to make federalism work better and provide enhanced policy outcomes for the Australian community....
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