Review of the Yellow Wallpaper

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  • Published : January 9, 2013
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Derrick Kelley
Dr. Yvonne R. Schultz

Reflection of the Yellow Wallpaper movie compared to the Story

Some characteristics I found to be unique to the movie compared to the text were the way the woman in the yellow dress was portrayed, the sudden revelation of John’s sister, and the way they showed the illness she suffered at the end. In the movie the woman In the yellow dress could be seen crawling throughout both day and night. She appeared in most any situation where the main character became distressed after being repressed in some way or another. The crawling woman was also not seen as crawling solely across the wallpaper. She was constantly about within the garden, forest, and other places. Within the text the woman crawled around the wallpaper always around the wallpaper. In the movie John’s sister eventually came to the conclusion that maybe this treatment was in truth not doing any good. For most of the movie she had supported her brother and the treatment, but near the end she broke out and expressed her concerns. In one point of view this could be seen as the revelation, of the once content, towards the suffering and repression that was being held above their fellow women. Within the text no such revelation was expressed or made. In the movie, the main character’s ascension into darkness was almost too planned out. In the book all she had done was hide the key to her room so that she would not be disturbed in taking out her rage and insanity on the wallpaper. In the movie she blocked the door with her bed, moved her furniture, and became in most ways a wild animal. She lacked any acknowledgement when her husband appeared, and crawled over his body as only a mere obstacle in her traveling. In the text she was still coherent enough to recognize him and Jane. They also ended the movie without any sort of positive note, while in the story she at least thought herself free in her insanity.
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