Review of the Book Jamaican Gold

Topics: Jamaica, Caribbean, Trinidad and Tobago Pages: 3 (1228 words) Published: March 24, 2013
The book Jamaican Gold talks about the success of Jamaican sprinters and tells us why Jamaicans run so fast. Sixteen specialists ranging from different fields break down the genetic makeup to the type of food (yams) that is believed to have helped Jamaican sprinters run so fast. This book has its pros and cons depending on who is reading it. It gives something to everyone. In the eyes of a Jamaican citizen, it is the storehouse of nationalism. It is the “go to” book for African sprinters who want to compete in the Olympics and it is a fact book for fans of just how far Jamaica has succeeded in the Olympics and Common Wealth Games. The editors’ ideological position is basically providing evidence to back up their hypothesis that Jamaicans run fast because of their genetic makeup that enhances speed and power and to just revel in the glory that a small island like Jamaica has done so well on an international level. These Jamaican experts not only provide its readers with an understanding behind their scientific research but also felt that it was their duty to honor Jamaican sprinters who have done so well in the past and may not have gotten the recognition that they sufficiently deserved. Section two of the book showcased track Olympians from Usain Bolt to Melaine Walker of 2008. This section spoke about the rise of the female and male track stars and their lives dedicated to the games. Additionally, it can be noted that Section three is only pictures. It is like the reader has his or her own personal photo album of great Jamaican sprinters. As a reader, one can appreciate this as it puts an image to those spoken about in previous sections of the book. It makes it in a way a “coffee table book” meaning that is one of those books that you would put out for your guest to browse through to see the pictures of sprinters through the years. It also puts an ease on the eyes from all the discussion on biochemical and biomechanical terms from previous chapters. A great...
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