Review of the Book Beyond the Last Blue Mountain

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Beyond The Last Blue mountain : Tata Story : Book Review

About the Author

RM Lala

* Started his career in journalism in 1948 at the age of 19 * Manager of first Indian book publishing house in London * Director of Dorabji Tata trust for 18 years and Co founder of center for the advancement of philanthropy * Books Published:

* Creation of wealth
* Touch of greatness
* For the love of India

JRD- Childhood

* Born in Paris on July 29th 1904.
* Father: R.D.Tata Mother: Sooni
* Educated in France, Japan and India.
* He was a naughty youngster.
* Didn’t have a college education.
* Developed his passion for aviation after watching his neighbor Louis Bleriot who was a pioneer in the field.

A morale booster story of struggle, vision, love, patriotism, passion and patience of JRD Tata. Story of man who saw aviation as future of national fortune in field of travel, tourism and war & peace. A man of principles who guided the government and societies to take greater interest in social service and long term beneficial programs. It describes how one man army JRD Tata with low industrial education outperformed many industrialist. The Book started with discretion about the family of JRD Tata and his ancestors. It gives an insight about culture and the values that were brought in India and how Indians responded with enthusiasm. It presents another example of Indian culture's unique quality of acceptance on morality.

* Served in the French Army for an year in 1925.
* Seeing his talent was transferred to the office of the colonel. * Wanted to do his Engineering from Cambridge.
* Circumstances forced him to enter the family business at an early age of 21 years. * Through out his life he regretted not having done his college education.

There is brief description of Jamsetji Tata who was the ideal person for JRD and his contribution to Tata family thinking for nation and long term vision. Story moves on with information about Sir Dorab ji Tata and Ratan Tata and their hardship to save Tata industry for many years. Then comes the story of our industry captain JRD Tata. JRD did not go higher education and accused his father for it. He was the second child of Ratan Tata who married a French girl. He was born with silver spoon in mouth and got a chance to travel many parts of world in early edge. This imparted a very broad sense and knowledge about different culture and social values. ...... and many more insight about the early life events. He was appointed as chairman of Tata industries in his early thirties and continue to serve it till his late eighties. Then appointed Ratan Tata as his successor. When he took the charge of TATA it was 100 crore company and left it with 10000 crore company and presence in all sectors of business.

JRD- The Trainee
* He joined Tata group in 1925 as an unpaid apprentice.
* He was mentored by John Peterson who was the Director in charge of Tata Steel. * He spent 1 year in Jamshedpur to understand the working of their biggest business-Steel Manufacturing. * Death of RD Tata in 1926- Difficult time

* 1929 – Surrendered French nationality
* 1931- attached to Sir. Nowuroji( chairman )

He was very fond of skiing which brought him near to planes. He brought India’s first aero plane and started first air service from Karanchi to Mumbai via Ahmadabad. His struggle to make it an internationally recognized airline is beautifully described by author. Finally government nationalized the airline started by the JRD and appointed him as chairman of it. This airline is known as Air India now. He served the board for 40 year without pay.

JRD- Chairman

* Director of Tata Steel- 1926 to 1938
* Mentored by Sir. Sorabji Saklatvala who was...
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