Review of the Article About Gopher It

Topics: Marketing, Management, Economics Pages: 2 (452 words) Published: October 6, 2012
A Review of “Gopher It” Business plan Biju George
The business plan of Goffer It is all about the plans and strategies for the establishment of an errand service for professionals in the business district of Boston. The service includes standard service, which includes usual time-consuming errand works of professionals, and custom service, which includes services according to the needs of the people. This partnership firm is to be founded by three highly experienced professionals with adequate knowledge in management and administration. The new venture they plan out is apt as there are not many similar ventures around their targeted locality and it is highly felt to be of need for the people. The population and the potential people interaction is quiet high in that locality. The services offered are quiet many and no competitor is as good as Goffer It. They had a very good marketing strategy and the formost among it is to utilize the benefits of the locality. As many thousands of people travel through the area it gives a natural opportunity for them to expose the firm to many without much of expenditure. This untapped market can be also expanded by way of short advertising campaigns too. The core of it included: * Needs of the target market on the basis of geography, demography, life style and buyer intentions. * Product differentiation.

* Effective and profitable marketing mix.
They also had a clear plan for the future, ways and means for expansion and to make it a profitable business in short time span of more than a year. They were very clear about the service to be delivered and the pricing of it. Their idea is to give the best service and gain customers through word of mouth. As the founders of this venture the three of them are well experienced and that they have prior experience in managing other but somewhat similar ventures. The best part of the organizational structure is that the three at...
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