Review of Stay Hungry Stay Foolish

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Book Review

Book Title:

“Stay Hungry Stay Foolish”


- Rashmi Bansal

Submitted By:

Md Shahnawaz Ahmad


IX Batch Executive Programme in Management

Shailesh J. Mehta School of Management

Indian Institute Of Technology, Bombay

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One of the best book by Rashmi Bansal narrating a story of 25 successful entrepreneurs from IIM- Ahmedabad. The book inspire young graduates to think beyond placements and salaries and to believe in their dreams. It is not the stereotype self help book. Some of the inspiring stories which inspires me most. Sanjeev Bikchandani The reason for starting his company was independence. As an MBA from Ahmedabad he could have worked for any multinational companies, but he did not want to be prisoner of his visiting card and the logo on it. He has seen many ups and down in his career but never lost his hope. It is the persistence that makes him successful and it inspire many of us. I like his advice that never start your business to make money. Love your work it gives meaning to the life. Then you will never loose your hope. There is no such thing as a failed entrepreneur, only when you quit. Until then, you are simply not successful yet.

Educomp: Shantanu Prakash is an optimist and innovator. When his father was retired and they wanted to settled in Delhi. He found that they do not have enough money to buy a DDA flat. Somewhere he knew that being a service holder he can not earn that much money, So he was sure that he will become an entrepreneur. He says that you don’t need money to start a businesses , if you have capital its great if you don’t it doesn’t matter, you cant start the business. He started a company Educomp it is into digital content and E-learning. Starting from scratch, now his company capitalization is Rs 7000 crore.

Feedback Venture: Vinayak Chatterjee was not sure what he...
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