Review of Sound of Thunder

Topics: Time, Future, Present Pages: 1 (352 words) Published: October 7, 2012
Double-Entry Journal
“A Sound of Thunder” (T, p.79)
1. The setting is
2. Eckles wants to be the envy of all others but is really scared and not very honorable. Eckles is fearful but wants to do things that no one else has ever done. "Does this safari guarantee I come back alive?" "I've hunted tiger, wild boar, buffalo, elephant, but now, this is it," said Eckels. "I'm shaking like a kid." "Get me out of here," said Eckels. "It was never like this before. I was always sure I'd come through alive. I had good guides, good safaris, and safety. This time, I figured wrong. I've met my match and admit it. This is too much for me to get hold of.” 3. The main conflict is fear of not knowing what the future will be like. 4. Eckles walks off the path and steps on a butterfly.

5. The theme is how everything is connected. How even the smallest of things can make big changes.
Shelby LaffertyConnect

1. Because they go back in time and then the present is changed. 2. Both characters are fearful but act as though they are not. 3.  Lesperance's explanation to Eckles on the dangers of small changes in the past having catastrophic effects on the future. The constant warnings to stay off the path made me think that Eckles might leave the path. Another example of foreshadowing is when Eckles asks, "Does this safari guarantee I come back alive?" The reply: "We guarantee nothing!" There's a good chance, based on this example of foreshadowing, that Eckels might get a little more than he bargains for on his safari. 4. I don’t think anyone deserves to die but I do think that he would have just caused more trouble if he stayed alive. 5. The whole idea of how small changes in the past have catastrophic effects on the future and Lesperance’s statement:  A little error here would multiply in sixty million years, all out of proportion. Also the...
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