Review of Related Literature

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Overview of the Current System and Related Systems

Current System
The proposed system lets the students view or print their transcript of records, statement of accounts, schedule of subjects and account balances without the need to request for these documents or log-in to their Integrated University Information System (IUIS) accounts.

The current system in requesting for transcript of records and statement of accounts needs a request form or order of payment. The student then pays the specified amount in the cashier and presents the receipt to the registrar. The requested documents are then released after several hours or even days. A receiving form is then filled up by the student upon receiving the requested document.

Furthermore, for students to have a printed copy of their schedule, they need to log-in to Internet cafés and have their schedule of subjects printed from their IUIS account. Their balances are also monitored from their personal account.

Related Systems
VENDAPIN Model 5008P/5008T Series Instant PIN Printer Receipt Slip Vending Machine. The VendaPin Instant Receipt Printer Vending Machine prints a PIN receipt or ticket on a slip of thermal paper. The 55008T (Touch Screen) or 5008P (Push Button) Series Vendor was designed for downloading "Encrypted PIN's" over the Internet. PIN's in a variable 1 - 20 digit format are stored on a central main server. An unlimited number of model 5008P machines can be installed each with a unique IP address. Machines can be ordered with actual illuminated push buttons, or a metal keypad or without buttons. In operation, the model 5008P/5008T requests a down load automatically over the Internet of a preset group of PIN's to be stored on the machine's "non-volatile memory". The files are sent over the Internet using a 128 bit encryption security technique. Other applications are vending of 4 digit PIN's with location numbers for access to; parking locations, water jugs, firewood bundles, or for Propane Tank exchanges from combination locked cages. The customer inserts any combination of cash or optional cash and coins or cash, coins or a credit card.  The PIN value is selected and instantly printed on a thermal receipt printer slip of paper.  Then the PIN is used to open or access a door or other application. As the PIN's are instantly printed, the model 5008P automatically requests additional PIN's to be replenished over the Internet for each value printed. It is also available with 8 flashing push buttons to use in lieu of the touch screen. The economical model 5008P from "One to Eight Selection" push button Receipt Slip Instant Printer Vending Machine can have G6 e-Port Discover, Visa, Master Card & American Express "Wireless" credit card terminal added for in lieu of the coin mechanism. It accepts $1 - $5 - $10 & $20 USA banknotes and coins, or optional credit/debit cards in lieu of coins.  This model is ideal for parking lot PINs, or Propane Tanks, Bottle Water Jugs, Firewood Bundles and other vending of products from a caged locker. (Vendapin LLC, 2010)

Electronic coin mechanism and system. An improved electronic coin mechanism and coin operated dispensing system includes an electronic coin mechanism which controls operation of a vending machine and stores certain types of data. The data in raw form are read out by a reader which may be interfaced to a computer through a shuttle. Due to the variety of information which may be collected, the computer is able to generate a variety of reports. The electronic coin mechanism is battery operated and designed for long service life. The mechanism includes an aperture rotatable coin wheel which detects the value of a coin by its diameter and compared the count with stored information in the coin electronics, the latter having an elapsed time relative counter. Time of first and last sale as well as sales per period are stored as well as total amounts received. Various levels of security are provided.(Jack...
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