Review of Related Lit

Topics: Video game, Massively multiplayer online game, Personal computer game Pages: 4 (1365 words) Published: January 18, 2013
In a study of the impact of online-game playing on life satisfaction of gamers on different personality dimensions, Chen et al found that neuroticism in gamers had a negative influence on life satisfaction. Neuroticism also has a significant negative influence on subjective well being in teen gamers. A negative relationship between web surfing frequency and life satisfaction has also been found. In another study, Parker et al found that emotional intelligence was a strong-to-moderate predictor of addiction-related behaviours like excessive Internet use, online gaming addiction and online gambling problems.; youth with deficiencies in ability to read, express and elicit desired emotions may be more prone to partake in online-addiction behaviours. Ko et al reached a similar conclusion and found out that Internet addiction was related to problematic alcohol use in a sample of Taiwanese high school students. At the Syracuse University, Associate Professor of Psychology Joshua Smyth has conducted one study to try to determine the negative and positive effects of gambling. He assigned gamers to four groups: single-player console games, single player PC games, single- player arcade games and fantasy themed MMORPG. For the gamers of the MMORPG group, they reported a much lower level of overall health and well-being than the other groups. They were also observed to not be sleeping as well as they should and their quality and quantity of real-life socialization and academic work saw a sharp decrease. It was theorized that MMORPGs were so complex, so fantastical and alluring and so involved that the gamers reported they had “lost track of time while playing, had gone to bed late and forgotten to eat.” After only a few days of such activity, all the gamers of the MMORPG group showed a dramatic decrease in all areas of health. From the same study, Prof. Smyth found that the MMORPG gamers group reported a much greater enjoyment and sense of reward from the game. They also...
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