Review of Khayal Darpan

Topics: Pakistan, Music, India Pages: 4 (1491 words) Published: February 27, 2010

Khayal Darpan is the quest to discover the impact of partition on classical music in Hindustan, a documentary directed by Yusuf Saied. Yusuf Saied is one of the recent scholars who are trying to revive post partition culture and art which is somehow lost due to adoption of new Cultural identity. Yusuf other works include several articles on Islamic Modernization and Muslim community in India, he also directed an international documentary named “ Tasveer Ghar” about Indian popular Culture and Art. As mention by great modernist poet Faiz, the body of art is the visible representation of a national identity, however in case of Pakistan forging an identity of its own rather than adopting from Indus valley civilization was the one of the reasons why pre partition art was throw in to abyss.1 Khayal Darpan is well documented because it trace grounds and consequences of collapse of classical music what is named, “ ILEM-E-MOUSIQI” in movie, to it ends in very optimistic observations. Khayal Darpan raised many vital questions about culture, nationalism and legitimacy of music in Islam. Yusuf documented some of the surviving practitioners and patrons of Classical music and observed the teaching of music in several institutions. Movie starts with very grounds of “_Biathaks”_ and “_Takias__”_ in Lahore where musicians from all over undivided India performed for perfection in “ILEM-E-MOUSIQI”, with great names such as Amer Ali, Ashiq Ali, Amnat Ali, Roshanara Begum and Bade Ghulam Ali.Yusuf journey takes him to Talwandi Gharana master practitioners of Dhrupad art of music. Things however gradually changed following partition with political identities slaughtering the art, anything with names of Hindu deities were banned on radio, names of Ragas were changed and some new Ragas were also introduced in classical music. Yusuf followed the first part of documentary with...
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