Review of Kath Walker's Poems: Then and Now, and Civilization

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  • Published : May 26, 2013
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My response to 'Then and Now' and 'Civilisation'

Then and now
The poem 'Then and Now' compares the different generations of the old and the new. The old refers to the period of time where Aborigines could roam their country without any troubles, their lifestyles were able to be expressed as there was no control in authority in that period of time. The new generation is where everything has changed; constricting their lifestyles and their growth in beliefs as Aborigines because their dreams and values have been shattered by the settlement of the Europeans. This poem has brought to my attention the distraught and loss as an Aborigine in that period of time. I now understand why they have called it the 'stolen generation', because their homes, families, beliefs, self representation and hope was all taken away from them, they lost everything that was ever important to them as it was just ripped out of their hands and never given back. 'But dreams are shattered by rushing car' this quote is used to represent the corruption of their lives by the white people. The term 'rushing car' is used to represent the industrial revolution, with the growth of machinery and society. People are living with memories and hopes that will never come back because they are expected to live like the other people in their country, the 'white'. As I come to conclusion with myself, I realise that what is happening to these people is not right because to be treated that way just because of their skin colour and beliefs, is almost inhumane, as their should be equality in our world, and there isn't. They are just like us, and I think it is wrong for a person to be put through something that has most probably scarred them for eternity, for no applicable reason. 

The message Kath Walker has put across in this poem is that the white people have come into their world for the better, but in reality, only made things worse. Walker has used descriptive language to employ the quote 'Now I am...
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