Review of Kala Ghoda

Topics: Mumbai, Bollywood, Festival Pages: 2 (585 words) Published: February 27, 2013
Kala Ghoda Arts Festival has begun from 2nd February and will run till 10th February 2013. The Festival enters into 14th year in 2013; its popularity is growing from over the years. It is a great festival held in the city of Mumbai every year with great vibrancy, excitement, drama and colors of cultures are experienced. This festival welcomes people from all over the country and from abroad. The festival includes street stalls, theatre, heritage walks, dance, music, films, literature, workshops for adults and children, visual arts, and much more. It is a nine day festival which refreshes everyone’s minds and inspires them for future. . Kala Ghoda used waste material keeping in their mind environmental issues. The music and dance events at the annual Kala Ghoda Arts festival was shifted from Kala Ghoda to Cross Maidan, after organisers agreed to not use loudspeakers in the silence zone. Silence zones are areas that are within 100 metres of courts, educational institutions, religious places and hospitals. The first thing you notice when you enter is the huge camera with few posters of Bollywood celebrities; a tribute to 100 years of Hindi Cinema. There is also an ode to Bollywood with an installation called 'Cinemachi'. “ Kapala’s Totems “ exists to evoke awarenessof the danger of electronic waste - discarded electronic ,lech lead and other heavy metals. Where the “Plastic Rain “ the pitter patter of rain gives way to the thump of falling plactic bottle. This installation is a reminder of how serious an effects plactic can have on our planet. While 'Cycle Chalao City Bachao' sends out a message of the urgent need of going eco-friendly while travelling, another installations points out the the hazards of noise pollution y Sumeet Sanjay Patil, which has vibrant cut outs of popular past and present film stars . Another installations has a car covered with coins. 'Time To Change'...
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